DASH trick play

Alex Ashley alex at ashley-family.net
Fri Jun 6 04:09:45 PDT 2014

I am doing some investigations in to trick play with MPEG DASH streams.

It appears from the code that the rate field in the seek event is being ignored.

This led me to think about what the correct behaviour should be. For rates > 0 and < 2 the correct behaviour is probably to just feed fragments downstream faster than real time. 

For speeds > 2x or < 0, dashdemux should switch to just downloading I frames. To know where the I frames are in a fragment requires parsing sidx and sisx boxes in the fragment. The problem is that qtdemux is the only thing that knows how to parse mp4 boxes.

I am interested in the views of the gstreamer community on how trick play ought to work with DASH streams. 

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