rayj rayj00 at
Sat Jun 7 17:16:09 PDT 2014

So I want to use my Sony Handycam as a web cam.  I have the webcam connected
to a USB Video Capturing device (Sabrent USB-AVCPT).   I know I did this on
Windows but that was quite awhile ago.

In my researching how to do this  on Ubuntu I kept coming up empty, but I
did come across GStreamer,
which I know absolutely nothing about.   So I started playing with it a
little.  I can run gstreamer-properties and get a real nice video screen up. 
It's way better quality than the Logitech Webcam I have. 

But that's about as far as I can get.  My reason for wanting the Sony
Handycam as a Webcam is to use it
in a WebRTC P2P connection.

Am I way out in left field on this journey and wasting time with Gstreamer? 

Thanks for your responses.


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