I modified something for the USB earphone issue.

hustxyj hustxyj at sina.com
Mon Jun 9 05:59:02 PDT 2014

Hi all:


>After modified, the stuck issue was gone. I want to ask you guys, if this
is a good idea or a bad one. If bad, do you have any other solutions?

>PS: I haven't looked deep into the logic of calculate_freesize loop. So
maybe there is a better way to break the loop which I have not found.


I trace the code and found something more!


static gint

gst_directsound_sink_write (GstAudioSink * asink, gpointer data, guint









      hRes = IDirectSoundBuffer_GetCurrentPosition

          &dwCurrentPlayCursor, NULL);


      hRes =

          IDirectSoundBuffer_GetStatus (dsoundsink->pDSBSecondary,

      if (SUCCEEDED (hRes) && (dwStatus & DSBSTATUS_PLAYING))

        goto calculate_freesize;

      else {

        dsoundsink->first_buffer_after_reset = FALSE;

        GST_DSOUND_UNLOCK (dsoundsink);

        return 0;






If usb earphone was plugged out, IDirectSoundBuffer_GetCurrentPosition
return some error code, which will be overwrote by
IDirectSoundBuffer_GetStatus. So the hRes seemed success every time.

Treat the return values respectively, and  the problem was soloved.





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