why couldn't compile gstreamer tutorials for android in eclipse

koler.andrew happygst at yeah.net
Mon Jun 9 20:52:51 PDT 2014

hi experts,

i could compile \gst\share\gst-sdk\tutorials\android-tutorial-1 by gstreamer-sdk-android-arm-debug version.and eclipse is freezen when i compile \gst\share\gst-sdk\tutorials\android-tutorial-2 by gstreamer-sdk-android-arm-debug version.
then i change  gstreamer-sdk-android-arm-debug version to gstreamer-sdk-android-arm-release version,i could compile android-tutorial-2 successfully.but when i compile android-tutorial-3 or later,eclipse is freezen again.why does gstreamer-sdk-android be freezen?i find the key is the parameter in android.mk
if there are many elements,it is be blocked.
but my pc have 2.2G dual core,and 2G memory,i think its performance is enough for compiling.who could tell me how to change some parameters on eclipse to run the samples

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