[jobs] Scouting for Foo

Darren Garvey darren.garvey at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 18:51:02 PDT 2014

Hey all,

The GStreamer community has been good to us at YouView. The excellent
stb-tester (stbt) started here before growing wings of it's own and
we've upstreamed a steady, uhm, stream of patches and intend to
continue doing so.

This isn't something I'd usually do but I see there is precedent on
this list so hopefully you don't find this request too off-topic.
We're a small team with big ambitions and a rapidly growing user base,
and are on the hunt for talented all-round engineers. Those with
GStreamer foo are particularly interesting to us, since we're at the
bleeding edge of it with no signs of backing off.

If any readers are interested in knowing about what we do, please
message me off-list (or just use google :P).


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