sending EOS event to imagefreeze

Dušan Poizl poizl at
Fri Jun 13 00:52:15 PDT 2014

Hello I have pipeline which can have three sources. appsrc for video,
v4l2src webcam and still image from png image. All this sources goes to
videomixer and then to encoder.

appsrc -> videoflip -> videoconvert -> videomixer
v4l2src -> videoconvert -> videomixer
filesrc -> decodebin -> videoconvert -> imagefreeze -> videomixer

 If I have only appsrc and v4l2src I can send eos event to pipeline and
it flush properly. Problem is when I add imagefreeze branch when both
camera and appsrc stops sending data but that still image stays there
and it continue encoding.

So how to properly send EOS event to end recording? Should I block
imagefreeze remove whole branch and then send eos?

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