Accessing original filenames in a HLS stream

Lajos Okos lajos.okos at
Mon Jun 16 04:22:38 PDT 2014

Dear Community,

I have a very simple gstreamer 1.2.3 pipeline with souphttpsrc ! hlsdemux !
multifilesink to record a live HLS stream to disk. My goal would be to save
the TS fragments with their original filenames, as they appear in the
playlist.m3u8 file. Unfortunately I didn’t find a way to do that. I see
from the logs, that for each fragment download there is a new souphttpsrc
element created, but I cannot connect any handlers to the bus of the
pipeline to capture these events. Not even the state changes of these
souphttpsrc elements are published on the bus. There seem to be a kind of a
private bus maintained in gsturidownloader.c  in parallel with the
pipeline’s main bus that handles these messages.

Is there a way to extract the original TS filenames from hlsdemux before
buffers are passed to multifilesink and written to disk?

Thanks for any advices!

Best Regards,

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