Migrating from 0.10.x to 1.x

Kirill Kirichenko kirill.kirichenko at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 09:37:21 PDT 2014

Hi there.
In my company's product we use gstreamer 0.10.35 and plugins based on it.
We compile the gstreamer code ourselves and deploy the bits with the rest
of the product's code. We use very limited set of standard plugins - base,
good, some ugly and not all of them.
Now our management decided that it's a good idea to switch to 1.x
What are the good reasons to do so ?
I can think of:
1) more bugfixes in the code
2) refined architecture. I kinda understand that but what exactly has
become better?
3) better compatibility with the latest plugins available in vanilla

Any more ideas ?
I'm not trying to convince them, I just to know why and how difficult. It's
gonna be a real huge task of upgrading.

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