How can I connect "pad-added" signal to id3demux?

meeshel meeshel78 at
Thu Jun 19 04:20:34 PDT 2014


I'm using gstreamer 1.0xx and trying to connect signal to id3demux like
g_signal_connect (id3demux, "pad-added", G_CALLBACK (pad_added_cb),

I know it's work in gstreamer 0.10xx but gstreamer 1.0xx, I can't get any
signal from id3demux.

When I check id3demux with gst-inspect, there's no signal in id3demux.
But, with gstreamer0.10x id3demux has "pad-added" signal.

It looks inherit from GstElement in GStreamer0.10x but it's not in

Could you help me to solve this issue?

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