Pared down build via cerbero?

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Thu Jun 26 00:41:06 PDT 2014

On Mi, 2014-06-11 at 22:40 +0000, Michael McNamara wrote:
> Hi Chuck,
> Thanks for the reply.  I've successfully cut down the number of
> plugins in use inside our apps via #define statements in iOS and
> Android while maintaining the functionality that's needed.  (I agree
> that it is tricky to get the right combination sometimes!)  Presumably
> those plugins that aren't #defined aren't making it into the final app
> binary.  The overall binary size in fact grows or shrinks based on
> those #defines,  so I feel pretty good about what's going on there.
> My question is more about keeping the unneeded plugins from ever being
> built via cerbero as they're not needed - or if it's even reasonably
> possible to do something along those lines.

You would need to remove them yourself from the recipes/gst*.recipe
files and also their library dependencies. And then also remove those
from the packages/*.package files.

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