Pipeline contruction in steps (video - video playback - then audio - audio playback)

Nitin Mahajan nitin.mahajan78 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 22:56:46 PDT 2015


I have a requirement where there is need for playing subset of a program in
steps (not in one shot like we normally do)
(1) dvbsrc setup to only filter Video PID of a program
(2) tsdemux to only filter Video PES packets from Video PID
(3) Start the video (pipeline to playing state)
(4) Now setup new audio PID filter in dvbsrc in playing pipeline
      on dvbsrc & tsdemux
(5) and expectation to get audio pad created in tsdemux when it parses TS
audio packets coming in from dvbsrc

All this in dynamic playing state.
Then selectively stop them means capability to delete graph at run time for
say audio path and the video path.

Can dynamic pipeline management helps to achieve this goal ?

Best Regards
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