Fwd: Gstreamer source code development (for SGTL5000+alsa+GStreamer)

Carlos de Paz cdepaz at colway-08.com
Thu Jun 4 10:21:18 PDT 2015

> Dear all,
> We are involved in a project with an embedded system based on SGTL5000 audio chip.
> So following modules are involved:
> - SGTL5000 driver
> - Kernel: alsa
> - Alsa-lib
> - GStreamer
> - Qt app
> We had some problems to manage the audio card (SGTL5000) from GStreamer+alsamixer (amixer). For that reason me need to understand GStreamer source code in more detail.
> Basically, we see that:
> - SGTL5000 can be configured by I2C protocol messages to set active input (Line in OR Mic OR I2S_IN), internal audio switch and output (Line out)
> - GStreamer "takes" audio input by alsasrc and "puts" audio output by alsasink
> - How both match, meaning where does GStreamer "take" and "put" audio samples?
> - ISSUE When audio comes from Line in and goes to Line out, volume element does nothing
> (as if audio just flows from SGTL5000 line in to SGTL5000 line out WITHOUT being processed by GStreamer (software) volume element
> (Hope I explained right)
> QUESTION: Is there any document describing the platform (high level description) other than:
> - Class description in http://www.freedesktop.org/software/gstreamer-sdk/data/docs/2012.5/gstreamer-0.10/
> - GStreamer Application Development Manual (0.10.36)
> Regards,
> Carlos de Paz
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