How to perform a playback rate change using appsrc plugin ??

Subodh Chiwate subodh.chiwate at
Fri Jun 5 06:24:37 PDT 2015


I am using th e following pipeline to perform a Elementary stream
playback using gstreamer (1.2.2)
PFA the code for reference of data flow.
appsrc -> h264parse -> decoder -> sink.

# I want to change the rate of playback as shown in the SDK example.
# When I use the mp4 file, the qtdemux is able to generate the segment
event needed to change the rate.
     I saw that from debug logs.
# But When I use appsrc + h264parse the video just pauses momentarily on
trigger and continues to play back at the rate of 1.x.
# I do not intend to drop frames hence not using videorate plugin.

Do I need to send the segment event explicitly downstream from the
appsrc seek-data callback ??
Please guide me handling the rate change event in case of appsrc and
elementary stream.


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