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philippe renon philippe_renon at
Sun Jun 7 11:00:30 PDT 2015

I have several branches feeding into a compositor and would like to delay one or more ot them (i.e. upstream of the compositor).
One of the branches I'd like to delay has these elements : udpsrc ! identity ! textrender ! videorate 

Do any of those elements implement GstChildProxy ?Would it make sense to have identity implement GstChildProxy ? 

     Le Dimanche 7 juin 2015 19h48, Sebastian Dröge <sebastian at> a écrit :

 On So, 2015-06-07 at 17:36 +0000, philippe renon wrote:
> I tried that syntax before posting my question and got a "no property
> "sink::offset" in element "updsrc8"" error.
> What confuses me is that the commit below hints that it should work.
> gstreamer/gstreamer - GStreamer open-source multimedia framework core
> library

It works with that commit IF the element implements the GstChildProxy
interface and exposes its pads via the interface. Elements like the
mixers do, but most elements don't or expose something else via
GstChildProxy (child elements, or completely different objects).

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