problem encoding h.264 and mpeg-ts

Peter Maersk-Moller pmaersk at
Tue Jun 16 10:53:53 PDT 2015

Hi Trevor.

I would try using the following:

.. ! queue ! chopmydata *max-size=1316 min-size=1316* ! udpsink ....

That works for me. Maybe you need to add do-timestamp to all your video
sources as well.


On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 7:22 PM, Clarke, Trevor <tclarke at> wrote:

> I've got an app that generates frames into multiple appsrc's, does some
> processing, encodes the frames to h.264 then muxes them all into an mpegts
> stream for transmission over udp multicast. Here's a summary of what it's
> doing (removed some custom plugins but they don't change caps):
> appsrc is-live=true -> videoconvert -> x264enc  bframes=0 tune=zerolatency
> bitrate=2500 byte-stream=true -> queue -> mux.
> appsrc is-live=true -> videoconvert -> x264enc  bframes=0 tune=zerolatency
> bitrate=2500 byte-stream=true -> queue -> mux.
> ... 10 appsrc
> mux. is
> mpegtsmux ! tee name=split ! queue2 ! chopmydata max-size=32700 ! udpsink
> sync=true host= port=10000
> split. ! queue2 ! multifilesink sync=true location=...
> next-file=key-unit-event port-messages=true
> The x264enc is sometimes a custom nvenc wrapper. Mpegtsmux has been
> modified to include support for other metadata streams. But other than
> that, the above is a pretty close representation. The mpegtsmux is
> configured to set a different program for each stream. Some of the streams
> are VGA-ish sized, some are HD-ish sized, some are odd off-sized.
> The problem I have is when I push test patterns with black and white
> alternating bars, black and white alternating checkerboards, and similar
> patterns which compress a lot I'm seeing good playback performance on
> different machines (mac and windows, server on linux, mostly using vlc for
> playback)
> When I switch the test patterns to noisier data (randomized snow patterns)
> and the compression ratio drops I'm seeing significant playback issues to
> the point where is can take 30+ seconds just to see the program map show up
> in VLC and I get a couple of decoded frames per minute. Iftop on the server
> and client show that the raw packet throughput is roughly the same so I
> don't think I'm dropping packets. I ran ffprobe and ffplay on a mac client
> to see if it gave me any more information. Ffprobe shows a ton of errors:
> "decode_slice_header error"
> "non-existing PPS 0 referenced"
> "no frame!"
> This repeats for 15 seconds or so then I finally see the stream listing.
> Similar behavior in ffplay, lots of errors before syncing up to the stream
> then a frame here and there trickles through.
> Since I'm not dropping packets I'm thinking it might be a problem on the
> encoding side. Any thoughts?
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