Gstreamer and Python on the Mac

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at
Thu Jun 18 14:42:09 PDT 2015

First, a question: is anyone else interested in using GStreamer from Python on the Mac?

If not, we can stop here, and I’ll just continue hacking for my own benefit:-)

But if other people are interested I have an offer, and a few more questions.

What I have is a full OSX framework with gstreamer 1.0, gtk, gobject-introspection and everything else you need to use gstreamer from Python. I’ve been using this for over two years in various projects, along with a couple of friends, and it works just fine. The bad news is that I started this 2 years ago based on the fork, and my attempts to feed back these fixes into the mainstream went nowhere. This may well be because I wasn’t aware of the differences between the community and the community and contacted the wrong people, I don’t know. But anyway: so far my mods haven’t seen wide adoption.

So my offer is that I revive the 2 year old stuff and contribute it for integration into the current repository for everybody’s enjoyment.

And this is where the questions come. 

- Would this have any chance of being integrated into the main repository? Assuming the core team reviews it favourably, etc etc etc…

- Anything I need to be aware of wrt licensing/legal issues? GPL, of course, and I can arrange for copyright transfer if that’s wanted, but it’d be good to know this in advance (as I am doing this in work time).

- What is the best procedure to start developing? Fork the git, then branch, then develop? Something else?

- How do I offer this for review/reintegration when it is done? Through the bugzilla? How?

- How should I handle changes to upstream packages? For example, I have a mod to the gtk build process that is needed to expose NSViews from widgets so they can be used for GStreamer rendering from Python. The cerbero recipe for gtk builds from a tarball, should I add a patch, or should I build gtk from a forked git repository? Any help on how I feed this back to the Btk developers?

- And, actually, same question for changes to gstreamer packages. Fork the relevant repository and add a branch?

- Finally, is anyone from the core team willing to enlighten me/hold my hand/mentor me, when needed?

Jack Jansen, <Jack.Jansen at>,
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