Gstreamer g_thread_join

kcu karthikuppund1 at
Thu Jun 18 21:41:13 PDT 2015

I am trying to develop a gstreamer based media player.Whenever I encounter
any error I will report that error and will destroy my pipeline and exit the
application. Before destroying I am settingthe pipeline state to NULL. When
I play a stream from pendrive and remove that pendrive while its playing it
reports the error but the application crashes, I mean it exits by giving the
following error

GLib-ERROR **: file
line 1162 (g_system_thread_wait): error 'Resource deadlock avoided' during
'pthread_join (pt->system_thread, NULL)'
Trace/breakpoint trap

I am using g_thread_join in my destroyer, i guess that's causing some
problem. Please help.

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