Gstreamer DRM file detection

kcu karthikuppund1 at
Mon Jun 22 02:42:40 PDT 2015

Thank you Tim,

I tried using GstDiscoverer, but i am getting errors while compiling my
program. The errors are given below.

undefined reference to `gst_discoverer_new'
undefined reference to `gst_discoverer_discover_uri'
undefined reference to `gst_discoverer_info_get_result'
undefined reference to `gst_discoverer_info_get_duration'

I am using the above 4 functions in my program...
Could you suggest what might be the issue...

code snippet:
   GstDiscoverer *disc = NULL;
    GstDiscovererInfo *info = NULL;
    GError *err = NULL;
    GstDiscovererResult result = 6;
    guint64 duration = 0;
   disc = gst_discoverer_new(3*GST_SECOND,&err);

        printf("\nDiscoverer creation failed");
        printf("\nMessage : %s \n",err->message);

    info =

    result =  gst_discoverer_info_get_result(info);

    if(result == GST_DISCOVERER_OK)
       printf("Discoverer OK\n");
    else if(result == GST_DISCOVERER_ERROR)
       printf("Error, Message:%s\n",err->message);
    else if(result == GST_DISCOVERER_TIMEOUT)
       printf("Time out\n");

   duration = gst_discoverer_info_get_duration(info);
   printf("duration = %"G_GUINT64_FORMAT"\n",duration);

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