Application for Android with Qt/C++

Liru7 lukas.riezler at
Tue Jun 23 00:21:41 PDT 2015

Hello Sebastian!

Thx for your answer :-)

I already know this function which is part of "gstreamer_android.c" in the
android tutorials. But I'm not sure how to get all the initialization stuff
integrated in my C++ project in QtCreator.

If I understand right, than I have to take care that "gst_android_init(...)"
and all the functions called from it have to be available in my Qt-project.
But I don't really know how to get the parameters for gst_android_init(...)?
In the java environment the parameters information comes from the makefile
where is set which plugins should be integrated. Right?

--> gst_android_init (*JNIEnv * env, jclass klass, jobject context*)

For the last parameter I take "android.content.Context". But I have no idea
from where I get the instances of JNIEnv* and jclass? Because I can't figure
out where gst_android_init ist called with this parameters.

Best regards

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