trying to create a video chat app.

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Hi Nicolas.

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> Le mardi 23 juin 2015 à 12:37 +0200, Peter Maersk-Moller a écrit :
> > Why not use a multiplexer like
> > mpegtsmux and have audio/video encoded and muxed and sent in a single
> > pipeline and then in another pipeline receiving multiplexed stream,
> > demuxing it, decoding it and then played?
> Because the "Lab work" says he wanted to do RTP.

True, but still possible to mux AND use RTP. To get sync you will need
either a mux or RTSP protocol or the complicated partly manually RTP/RTCP
thing we talk about in another thread.

I have never experienced a RTSP setup that did not add a lot of delay,
which is not good for a video chat. That smallest delay I have experienced
is with RTP, but for sync then a mux or the more complicated RTCP-setup is
needed and I don't know if the manual RTCP-setup will add as much delay as
RTSP does. After all RTSP is a protocol wrapper around the more complicated
RTP/RTCP setup. Okay to be fair to RTSP, implementations sometimes have a
latency/jitterbuffer you can tune, but, delay-wise I still have *not* seen
an implementation that blew me away.

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