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Dmitri Afanasjev adimas at
Wed Jun 24 08:14:35 PDT 2015

Ive installed Gstreamer & Gstreamer-devel binaries from here

To build an application which uses gstreamer1.0 should I build latest
gstreamer SDK using Cerbero?
(taken from

   - The development files are *additional* files you need to create
   GStreamer applications.

Here is one installer gstreamer-1.0-devel-x86-1.5.1.msi

If current devel binary is develomepent files for Windows may I use that
binary to develop C++ application and use gstreamer1.0 plugins, or should I
build Gstreamer SDK 1.0 from source (cerbero) to achieve that?

Regards, Dmitri

пн, 22 июня 2015 г. в 20:21, Nicolas Dufresne <
nicolas.dufresne at>:

> Le lundi 22 juin 2015 à 12:55 -0400, Nicolas Dufresne a écrit :
> > Le lundi 22 juin 2015 à 14:47 +0000, Dmitri Afanasjev a écrit :
> > > How to install new plugins to use with gstreamer pipeline?
> >
> > If you build it right, it means you probably just need to find and
> > remove your registry.
> Nevermind, the filters has been split in a way that they each have
> their own name. There is quite a change in 1.5.1+ be aware. GL is still
> an unsable API, and more changes are to be expected.
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