Hardware Accelerated GStreamer on Raspberry Pi 2

Arnaud Loonstra arnaud at sphaero.org
Mon Jun 29 03:41:37 PDT 2015

On 2015-06-29 12:23, Samuel Hurst wrote:
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> On 26/06/2015 19:36, Nicolas Dufresne wrote:
>> This is what I would also recommend. The GST shipped with Raspbian
>> is patched to add conversion to RGB color space and scaling. This
>> is how they manage to have decent performance to on-accelerated
>> layers, but this is still a copy.
>> A rendering path that is quite efficient is the EGL path. This is
>> what you will gain by using glimagesink. This is going through the
>> DispManX layer (specific to this broadcom VPU). You might need to
>> patch gst -plugins-bad a bit so the window placement becomes
>> configurable.
> For whatever reason, buildroot wasn't showing me any opengl options
> until I did a git pull, apparently the two weeks since I checked this
> version out patched in the opengl option. Just for reference if 
> anyone
> else is struggling to find it and stumbles across this thread.
> I've enabled the glimagesink and it seems to fix the very bad
> framerate issues, thanks. However, it seems to still have issues with
> higher bitrate streams, either just flashing the first frame up 
> before
> black screening, or being a little juddery during playback. I'll do
> some more digging today and see if I can smooth it out, hopefully 
> some
> of those patches from Raspbian will help address the issue.
> Also, as it's not well publicised anywhere, Raspbian's patches for
> gst-omx seem to be available from here
> http://archive.raspbian.org/raspbian/pool/rpi/g/gst-omx1.0/gst-omx1.0_1.
> 0.0.1-0+rpi12+jessiepmg.debian.tar.xz
> , again in case someone comes across this thread and wants to find 
> them.
> Thanks to Nicolas, Enrique and Stefan for pointing me in the right
> direction :)

I never knew Raspbian was patching Gstreamer. I've been running 
Gstreamer directly from git (1.4.5) including gst-omx without any 
issues. Then again I only do decoding, displaying using gl and some 
modifications of the gl draw...



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