Doubts regarding RTSP streaming

Bhavya bhavyar.1992 at
Mon Jun 29 03:29:06 PDT 2015

Hi All,

I have few doubts regarding rtsp streaming

1) Is it possible to get metadata info (title, artist, album info) of audio
rtsp stream? 
In rtsp streaming, audio/video data is and send through  as packets using
RTP. Will the metadata tag info is removed while packetizing 
rtspsrc plugin will do demuxing right? Is there possibility of retrieving
metadata info of stream using rtspsrc.

2) Is seeking supported for video streams?
I tried playing rtsp video stream in vlc, the duration of video file is
displayed as Zero and seeking is not supported. 

Please let me know how to proceed analysis on rtsp streaming support.

Bhavya R

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