rtsp vaapiparse_h264 not being used

Spruyt, Randy Randy.Spruyt at christiedigital.com
Tue Jun 30 11:21:44 PDT 2015

H.264 webcam is sending an RTSP H.264 byte-stream with NAL alignment. I'd expect the playbin to use the vaapiparse_h264 element to turn this into a format the decoder can use, but we get this. The vaapiparse_h264 element works fine, as does the vaapidecode, h264parse and avdec_h264, etc.

dev at dev-laptop:~$ gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=rtsp://<>
Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
Pipeline is live and does not need PREROLL ...
Progress: (open) Opening Stream
Progress: (connect) Connecting to rtsp://<>
Progress: (open) Retrieving server options
Progress: (open) Retrieving media info
Progress: (request) SETUP stream 0
Progress: (open) Opened Stream
Setting pipeline to PLAYING ...
New clock: GstSystemClock
Progress: (request) Sending PLAY request
Progress: (request) Sending PLAY request
Progress: (request) Sent PLAY request
libva info: VA-API version 0.38.0
libva info: va_getDriverName() returns 0
libva info: Trying to open /usr/local/lib/dri/i965_drv_video.so
libva info: Found init function __vaDriverInit_0_38
libva info: va_openDriver() returns 0
Got context from element 'vaapidecode': gst.vaapi.Display=context, display=(GstVaapiDisplay)NULL;
Missing element: H.264 (Baseline Profile) decoder
WARNING: from element /GstPlayBin:playbin0/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0: No decoder available for type 'video/x-h264, stream-format=(string)byte-stream, alignment=(string)nal, width=(int)1280, height=(int)720, framerate=(fraction)0/1, parsed=(boolean)true, pixel-aspect-ratio=(fraction)1/1, profile=(string)baseline, level=(string)4.1'.
Additional debug info:
gsturidecodebin.c(939): unknown_type_cb (): /GstPlayBin:playbin0/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0
ERROR: from element /GstPlayBin:playbin0/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0: Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in.
Additional debug info:
gsturidecodebin.c(1006): no_more_pads_full (): /GstPlayBin:playbin0/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0:
no suitable plugins found:
gstdecodebin2.c(4330): gst_decode_bin_expose (): /GstPlayBin:playbin0/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0/GstDecodeBin:decodebin0:
no suitable plugins found:
Element vaapidecodebin0 does not accept capsElement vaapidecode0 does not accept caps

Execution ended after 0:00:00.223165701
Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
Setting pipeline to READY ...
Setting pipeline to NULL ...
Freeing pipeline ...
dev at dev-laptop:~$

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