Need an example for "How to play an audio data which is in memory as buffer" ?

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Thu Oct 1 08:33:38 PDT 2015

Le mardi 29 septembre 2015 à 10:23 -0700, karthik a écrit :
> what is the replacement for gst_buffer_map () API in gstreamer 0.1
> version.
> or how to feed the data to the GstBuffer in 0.1 version of gstreamer

You most likely mean GStreamer 0.10. We don't recommend or support new
development around this version of GStreamer (or any older versions).
These version are now abandoned and receive no fixes (not even security
fixes). So I hope this question is about maintaining an old legacy

** WARNING to other people reading: This is all deprecated stuff, don't
follow these instructions **

In GStreamer 0.10, there was no memory locking mechanism. So you access
buffer->data pointer (or use GST_BUFFER_DATA macro). Only 1 data
pointer was allowed.
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