GStreamer AAC audio stream delay in iOS

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Fri Oct 2 01:25:39 PDT 2015

On Do, 2015-10-01 at 23:20 -0700, Bilal wrote:
> I'm beginner on GStreamer. Playing aac audio stream RTSP on my iOS 
> device using GStreamer SDK, its working fine, but delay is above 2.0
> seconds. Its just audio stream not video.
> Can I make this delay lower then 2.0 seconds? Bec when I play same 
> stream on VLC delay is lower then 1 second. I'm following "GStreamer 
> tutorial 5" for iOS.
> There may be some buffering issue.

By default, rtspsrc (as used by playbin) has a latency of 2 seconds.
You can configure this to a lower value with the "latency" property on
the source. The best value to choose depends on your network.

If you're using playbin, you can use the source-setup signal to get
access to the source right after it was created. You would then be able
to change the latency property there.

Also you mentioned using "playbin2". Please use GStreamer 1.x, the 0.10
release series is no longer maintained since more than 3 years now. You
can find 1.6.0 binaries for iOS here:

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