RTSP server question

Chuck Crisler ccrisler at mutualink.net
Mon Oct 5 14:55:59 PDT 2015

I am using the ancient (0.10.7) version of the GStreamer RTSP server and
having a problem (surprise). Specifically, I think that my problem is that
the 'transport' parameter is not being set from some clients and causing a
problem. I am not sure exactly what this parameter is. The specific error
message that troubles me is: rtspmedia
rtsp-media.c:989:on_ssrc_active: 0x9f5f3f8: source 0x9f947f8 in
transport (nil) is active. The transport object seems to be established in
the on_new_ssrc callback in rtsp_media.c via a call to g_object_get on a
'source' with the parameter name 'stats'. The code then calls
gst_structure_get_string for the 'rtcp-from' parameter, which would contain
the client IP address and the RTCP port for the parameter. I am stumped why
this is so critical and especially where this information is even built.
For some reason (that I am trying to learn) this parameter is not set for
the clients that fail, though I can't find where or why it would be set. It
could be set from the SDP (the data is present), which would suggest a bug
in GStreamer (I expect that, but am trying to find where). I have traced
the on-new_ssrc signal back to rtpsession.c, but still don't have an
understanding of what is or should be happening. Upgrading to a modern
version is not an option. :-((( Other suggestions and comments are welcome,
especially thoughts on directions to look.

Thank you,
Chuck Crisler
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