troubles with audio branch via rtp

Giacomo D omagico.olo at
Mon Oct 12 12:12:14 PDT 2015

Hi everyone!

I have two sources (my webcam and an .AVI file) and I want to send them to
my pc via RTP so I made two client scritps which stream audio and video
parts on two different ports on my PC. Videos work perfectly but I am
experiencing problems with the audio.

For videos on the receiver side            

for d in

I add and link the same elements to capture the videos on two different
ports that I link on a videomixer and an xvimagesink, and one of them on
another xvimagesink

Now, I want to send the two audios too, for the audio camera and the audio
of .AVI file.
On the sender side and  client 1 I have

On the sender side and  client 2 I have

(first I have a decodebin )

 I am using other ports. On my receiver side I capture them and I link like

            for d in (self.udpsrc,self.tee,self.queue,self.fakesink):

I want to hear, for example, the .AVI audio so I built another audio branch
like this

When I add this audio branch I get a freezed video output without no error.
Is there something wrong in this branch?
But, first of all, I want to know If there is a way to decode-encode an
audio stream with the same elements like for the videos?

Thanks in advance

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