problem in media duration while stream is played through QTgstreamer player

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Wed Oct 14 23:45:03 PDT 2015


I am working QT gstreamer player. I have played media coming on tcpserversrc
through qtgstreamer player on ubuntu 14.04 LTS but when i query the media
duration from qtgstreamer, i get the wrong value. I used following launch
line to receive media and give it to sink:

QString pipe1Descr = QString("tcpserversrc host=x.x.x.x port=3000 ! "
"decodebin name=demux demux. ! "
"autoaudiosink demux. !"
"queue2 !"
"imxipuvideotransform !"
"imxeglvivsink force-aspect-ratio=false async=false");
m_pipeline = QGst::Parse::launch(pipe1Descr).dynamicCast<QGst:: Pipeline>();

But when i query duration with following code then it gives wrong duration:
QGst:: DurationQueryPtr query = QGst::
return QGst::ClockTime(query->duration()).toTime();

I am sending video from tcpclientsink with following launchline:
pipeline = gst_parse_launch("filesrc location=E:/video/BismillahSalim.mp4 !
tcpclientsink host=x.x.x.x port=3000", &error);

What can i do to get correct media duration from qtgstreamer?

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