Save audio/video from RTP to a webm file

Eirny Kwon happylogin at
Thu Oct 15 18:02:06 PDT 2015


I’m building an application that receives audio and video stream through separated RTP ports
and forward RTP packets to destination address while it converts streams into OPUS/VP8 and muxing/save as a webm file.

The attachment file shows my pipeline. This pipeline seems working well at the beginning of process. 
but few seconds later RTPBIN complains there are time out and pipeline stop working.
(I guess... because pipeline stops then rtpbin complains there is no incoming packet, actually rtpbin emits "on-sender-timeout" signal)

09:42:19.764409 0x10280ed90 28477 ERROR   rtpavteerec rtpavteerec.c:378:on_rtpbin_sender_timeout: rtpbin - session:0, ssrc:1292736121
09:42:34.464343 0x10280ed90 28477 ERROR   rtpavteerec rtpavteerec.c:373:on_rtpbin_timeout: rtpbin - session:0, ssrc:1292736121

For testing, I have been using the following command to create RTP streams (sender)

gst-launch-1.0 --gst-debug=GST_*:WARN  --gst-debug-no-color rtpbin name=rtpbin            
audiotestsrc ! audioconvert ! alawenc ! rtppcmapay pt=8 ! rtpbin.send_rtp_sink_0
    rtpbin.send_rtp_src_0 ! udpsink host= port=13000                          
videotestsrc ! videoscale ! video/x-raw ! videoconvert ! openh264enc ! rtph264pay pt=96 ! rtpbin.send_rtp_sink_1
    rtpbin.send_rtp_src_1 ! udpsink host= port=13004

I have only guess there would be some thread problem that prevent pipeline keep working.

What should I do to find out what is the problem?
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