Multiple input sources

symeon.mattes symeon.mattes at
Fri Oct 16 22:57:50 PDT 2015

I suppose you're talking for something like that:  Dynamically changing the

I had seen it, but I thought the input-selector would be easier, as in the
case of the dynamic changing as I had to have two callbacks functions. One
for the blocking pad, and one for the linking of the uridecodebin with the
next GstElement.

I'll give a try though. Do you know if there is any way to start playing
from beginning an audio file? I've read that the state of GstElement can
changed not only for the pipeline but for any element ( link1
,  link2
,  link3
). I've tried to change it the one with the uridecodebin from
GST_STATE_PLAYING to GST_STATE_NULL but then I couldn't do anything further.

Do you know if I could do anything on that?


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