vaapidecode ! glimagesink error

dolevo cmst at
Tue Oct 20 04:40:02 PDT 2015

Hi Victor,

Thanks for your replies in both places. Perhaps I should re-explain what I
am trying to achieve with this pipeline and maybe you will propose another
way to implement it.

I have an application which renders different sources. Those sources are at
the moment coming from hardware decoder. Suppose that I have 4 hardware
decoders, 4 side-by-side windows will be drawn on a single canvas in OpenGL
to render those decoded sources. At the moment I use
... ! vaapidecode ! videoconvert ! appsink

from appsink, I obtain raw data and push it into the graphics card so that
it can be drawn in OpenGL. However, as you can imagine, this causes to use
CPU + memory usage. Ideally everything can be done in graphics card from
decoding till drawing. My idea was the following: In my application, I
already create textures to upload. I was planning to feed those textures
into glimagesink and let glimagesink to upload the decoded data into those
textures. However, I bumped into those issues with gst-vaapi as you are well
aware of. 

Could you please tell me if there is any other reliable way of implementing
it? I know you suggested clutter-gst a while ago but I just want to
brainstorm what would be the least painful way to implement it.


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