How to best obtain packet loss statistics from rtspsrc

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Mon Oct 26 00:56:36 PDT 2015

On So, 2015-10-25 at 23:48 -0500, John Weber wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to monitor packet loss statistics for a pipeline containing an
> rtspsrc.  I'm using it to receive a single H.264 video stream for
> decode and display on an IOS device.  I want to know packet loss for
> the RTP connection within the RTSP source.
> Based on some investigation into the Gstreamer source code and
> viewing a pipeline graph, the GstRtspSrc creates a GstRtpBin.  The
> GstRtpBin creates a GstRtpSession.  Within the session is an
> RtpSession object containing one or more RtpSource elements (in my
> case it should be only one).
> My original thought was to start search the pipeline for the
> GstRtpBin element using gst_bin_get_by_interface(), looking
> specifically for a GST_TYPE_RTP_BIN.  This doesn't seem to be easy or
> ideal because the header defining GST_TYPE_RTP_BIN (gstrtpbin.h
> within plugins-good) is specifically not exported for the development
> SDK.  This implies that the stuff I'm trying to get to is private
> data, not to be messed with at the application level.

rtspsrc has a "new-manager" signal, which will give you the rtpbin.
From there you can then the rtpsession with the "get-internal-session"
action signal. And that then allows you to get the RTP session
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