creating custom sink in python fails

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yes, I saw that example before and it didn't worked either.

But I got something new (and disturbing) - I installed "python-gst-1.0-dbg" 
package, so I could analyze all debug messages and to my great surprise, it 
started working (both my example and It now works even if I
uninstall all "*-dbg" packages which were installed with "python-gst-1.0-

But it really doesn't help. I don't want to install debug packages on 
production servers. I really need to know WHAT went wrong.. 
And it seems to me it's probably some bug in gstreamer-python binding, so I 
should report it.

BTW - my machine is (was) freshly installed last week and I just started 
porting our software from gstreamer-0.10 to gstreamer-1.0, so there was no 
"interference" with previously installed sw..

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Předmět: Re: creating custom sink in python fails


That should work, we have an example in gst-python that implement a
stupid simple sink in python[0]. It is based on GstElement instead of
BaseSink but it should probably be ported.




On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 2:45 PM, Jan Spurný <JSpurny at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have problem with (probably) python binding for gstreamer-1.0 ( 
- I was porting some code from gstreamer-0.10 (pygst) to new gstreamer-1.0 
and I'm not able to get elements written in python to work. This is minimal 
working example (python2.7):
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> import gi
> gi.require_version('Gst', '1.0')
> from gi.repository import Gst
> from gi.repository import GstBase
> from gi.repository import GObject
> GObject.threads_init()
> Gst.init()
> class MySink(GstBase.BaseSink):
> __gstmetadata__ = ('My Sink', 'Sink', 'Sink', 'foo bar')
> __gsttemplates__ = (
> Gst.PadDirection.SINK, Gst.PadPresence.ALWAYS,
> Gst.caps_from_string('text/plain')),)
> def plugin_init(plugin, userarg):
> t = GObject.type_register(MySink)
> Gst.Element.register(plugin, 'my_sink', 0, t)
> return True
> version = Gst.version()
> r = Gst.Plugin.register_static_full(
> version[0], version[1], 'my_plugin', 'my plugin desc',
> plugin_init, '1.0', 'Proprietary', 'abc', 'def', 'ghi', None)
> s = MySink()
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> and it throws a CRITICAL error:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> $ ./
> (python2:18618): GStreamer-WARNING **: Element factory metadata for 'my_
sink' has no valid long-name field
> ** (python2:18618): CRITICAL **: gst_base_sink_init: assertion 'pad_
template != NULL' failedI'm not that worried about the warning, but that 
CRITICAL error means the element has no sinkpad and can't be linked.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> And worst thing - if I remove __gsttemplates__ and __gstmetadata__ 
completely, NOTHING changes. It seems to me that BaseSink.__init__() doesn't
see it.
> Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Also I would greatly 
appreciate any documentation, examples or tutorials on python binding for 
gstreamer-1.0, because I wasn't able to find much
> Thanks,
> Jan Spurny
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