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Wed Oct 28 00:24:54 PDT 2015

On Di, 2015-10-27 at 14:30 -0700, stproj wrote:
> Thanx, i am reading the examples rtpaux.c and rtpclient.c  but both
> of them
> have GST_RTP_PROFILE_AVPF which i have some difficulty to understand.
> According to link below i can tell what its type but i dont
> understand what is represents.

It's the RTP profile specified by

AVP is the one from, the S* ones
are additionally using SRTP:

> To be precise more, when i compile the .c files i get an error report
> that GST_RTP_PROFILE_AVPF is undeclared. But when i set its value the
> file is compiled without warnings and i can execute.

Which version of GStreamer are you using? They were added in 1.6.
sounds like you use an older version of gst-plugins-base for
compilation than when running things.

>  What i dont understand is what type of media is being send with
> server-rtpaux.c  and how  can alternate the stream with some other
> file, i.e. "test.mp4"

It's using alaw for audio and Theora for video.

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