gstreamer1.0, gst-omx, gst0.10 vs gst1.0

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Wed Oct 28 00:29:52 PDT 2015

On Di, 2015-10-27 at 11:17 -0700, jlancaster wrote:
> My two pipelines comparing gstreamer-0.10 and gstreamer-1.0:
> GST_DEBUG=*:6 gst-launch-0.10 -v videotestsrc num_buffers=10 !
> omx_h264enc ! fakesink &> vidtest0.10.log
> vs.
> GST_DEBUG=*:6 gst-launch-1.0  -v videotestsrc num_buffers=10 !
> omxh264enc ! fakesink &> vidtest1.0.log
> I am using the same OMX library in the above two cases.

From where did you get the 0.10 versions, do they contain TI specific

> The first pipeline works fine but the second pipeline I get the
> following log. I don't understand the two lines with omxh264enc with
> fakesink. What might be wrong with the omxh264enc element?

There's nothing that looks wrong in this log. How does it not work,
what's the actual error? Also you likely have to configure gst-omx in a
way that it works for the TI OMX. Each OMX implementation works
different and none of them completely conform to the standard, so
various modifications are usually needed.

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