Latency and frame drop observed in android

Raushan Kumar Choudhary raushankumar at
Fri Oct 30 08:17:20 PDT 2015

Thanks for your reply,will try it out and let you know.


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Le vendredi 30 octobre 2015 à 06:14 +0000, Raushan Kumar Choudhary a
écrit :
>   1.Frame drop has been observed.

Usage of an rtpjitterbuffer is most likely the solution.

>   2.Too much latency  in the video streaming.

Latency can be configured on the jitterbuffer, though make sure your
decoder is fast enough, that you have disable B-Frames on the sender
side and that latency of the sender is adequate.


p.s. you seem to be using GStreamer 0.10, which is no longer
maintained. You shall consider upgrading, see

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