struggling with shmsink/src and mpeg-4

Hoel Vasseur hoel.vasseur at
Mon Apr 4 09:09:15 UTC 2016

Hi everybody, 

I am trying to redirect the sink of a pipeline to another one. I saw that intervideosink/src can be used to do that, but I am using videos with different encoding (RAW, J2K, MEPG-4). So now I am struggling with using shmsik/src. It works fine with RAW and J2K but not with MPEG-4 videos.  I think the problem is on caps transmission. In the first pipeline I am receiving the stream from updsrc, and write the data into a socket. In the second pipeline I am reading into the same socket, but it seems that gstreamer isn't able to payload the stream read from the socket to rtp packet.

After several days of struggling, I am still failing to use shmsink/src with MPEG-4 videos. Does any one have an idea about how to do that?



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