Modifying and writing tags

Tim Müller tim at
Mon Apr 4 10:48:22 UTC 2016

On Thu, 2016-03-31 at 14:31 +0100, David Ó Laigheanáin wrote:

Hi David,

> I am currently tying to modify tags and write them back to the
> original file. I can get the TagList with DiscovererInfo, but I'm
> unsure of how to save these changes. Is it even possible with
> gstreamer?
> Any help would be appreciated.

Our tag editing story is not great, there's no automatic handling for
this case yet. It should be possible for all common formats, but you'll
probably have to construct pipelines on a per-tag/format basis
yourself. Rhythmbox might have some code you could look at.


Tim Müller, Centricular Ltd -

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