Issue in videorate element!

Baby Octopus jagadishkamathk at
Mon Apr 4 11:42:42 UTC 2016


I'm seeing issue in videorate element. When the pipeline src element gets
data not right from the beginning, videorate sends burst of data

To demonstrate, use the pipeline as follows
Receiver : gst-launch udpsrc port=5050 ! decodebin ! videorate !
video/x-raw,framerate=10/1 ! fakesink silent=0 -v
Sender: gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc is-live=1 ! x264enc ! mpegtsmux !
udpsink host= port=5050

Run the Receiver first, wait for a 10 seconds, and then run the sender.
Videorate sends bursts of data for 10seconds which causes playback issues

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