Audio video muxing issue

pzymen simon.nilsson at
Tue Apr 5 06:26:31 UTC 2016

Hi, I'm having some problem with combining the audio and video I get from two
network streams. In the end I want it to be output as a HLS-stream but in
this attempt I'm just outputing the mpegts to a file for testing. The
resulting video plays fine in Windows Media Player but not in VLC. The VLC
log prints a bunch of messagage saying something like "core warning: picture
is too late to be displayed (missing 80 ms)". If I remove all the audio
stuff the video plays fine and it also works in in HLS. I have tried
diffrent combinations with or without do-timestamps but nothing seems to
work very good.

This is how the pipeline looks:

This is the a sample clip produced by the above pipeline. The source is an
IP-camera (1280x720p H264 10fps / 8000Hz s16le mono)

This is the code used to build the pipeline and push data to it. The
pushVideo/pushAudio functions are called as soon as i get data from the
source. The timestamps are unix timestamp from the source that i offset to
make the first keyframe start at 0. That keyframe is also the first data
that gets pushed to pipeline.

Would be grateful for any tips on how to make this work.

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