Video artefacts on full hd recording on rpi2

Ashish Kumar Mishra ashish.kmishra at
Tue Apr 5 12:36:32 UTC 2016

Hi , 

w.r.t Green artifacts and based on my limited experience :-
1) We have observed similar problem when the decoder was not able to
properly handle the signals . 
Now here the decoder might not be in a position to handle the given
resolution or the configuration (timing of decoder ) is not proper. 

2) w.r.t link , below is the info from the wiki page 
"....... Note also that allowing the highest resolutions does not imply that
the GPU can decode video formats at those; in fact, the Pis are known to not
work reliably for H.265 (at those high resolution, at least), commonly used
for very high resolutions (most formats, commonly used, up to full HD, do

3) Since i have never worked with RPI board , not sure of the behavior at
WUXGA resolution. 

Probably some senior group member might have faced similar problem and can
provide some pointers for this thread. 

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