gst_set_state ( MUX , NULL ) get's HANGED ( Porting Gst-1.0 code to Gst-0.10)

Ashish Kumar Mishra ashish.kmishra at
Thu Apr 7 09:05:50 UTC 2016

Sorry for delay in reply , 

1) The pipeline is videotestsrc -> clockoverlay -> queue -> mux -> filesink 

2) I am not getting any error or warning message on the console , it just
gets struck at that point . 
    If i press CTRL + C , the code terminates . I am not having any panic
/segmentation fault /oops message on console. 

3) To find the probable reason , i had started going through OMX default
sample code. 
     But I could not find any relevant pointers , hence i feel for this i
should look at Gstreamer layer & not OMX. 

Could team members please let me know if my approach is correct  w.r.t point
(3) .

Thanks ,
Ashish Kumar Mishra 

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