a few questions wrt gstreamer and webrtc

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 17:59:30 UTC 2016

Le mardi 12 avril 2016 à 09:04 -0700, Andres Gonzalez a écrit :
> Question #1: Was DTLS support added to gstreamer after version 1.4.4?    I
> am currently using version 1.4.4 and it does not appear to include DTLS in
> its plugin-bad tree.  I see some references to DTLS around, but my
> gst-inspect cannot find any DTLS related elements.

DTLS was introduced in 1.6.

> Question #2: Assuming DTLS support is somewhat new, what is the current
> level of support and stability? 

It is being used extensively and have been reported to be stable.

> Question #3: How well is the DTLS functionality integrated with the
> supported SRTP functionality?

The DTLS elements dtlssrtpdec/enc are bins that wraps the SRTP one,
making the transition fairly easy. To associate the decoder and the
encoder, you simply set the same value in connection-id property.


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