Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Thu Apr 14 15:42:49 UTC 2016

Le jeudi 14 avril 2016 à 06:27 -0700, de_ninja a écrit :
> I wanted to use the Gstreamer RTSP Server. I'm on archlinux btw.
> I read that you cant use pacman -S gst-rtsp-server to install it, so
> i have
> to compile it from the source.
> So i downloaded the newest version with wget....
> I extracted it and compiled it with ./configure && make && make
> install
> The installation worked apparently as I didn't get any errors.
> I still can't use the command gst-rtsp-server (I tried some pipelines
> from
> this tutorial:
> How do I get this to work? 
> Sorry absolute noob here

gst-rtsp-server is a server Library, that you can use to implement your
own server in C. Though, you can play with the test servers found in
the source tree in folder examples/ .


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