appsink python memory leak?? unref call on sample?

Turmel, Frederic Frederic.Turmel at
Fri Apr 15 15:06:52 UTC 2016

Are you dealing with live source and with appsink?

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Hi, I have a weird behavior that I hope somebody here have insight. So I'm chasing this memory leak I described earlier. I'm now testing only on Ubuntu with 1.8.0 build.

I had a very different pipeline but also observed memory leaks in the python bindings.
Some were large and I managed to fix by swapping elements, others were small or rare and very difficult to debug.
I did have code in place so the python script would monitor how much it's using and when it got too much I would just quit and restart the application (automaticly).
I also restart at midnight, this gives me the chance to start using a new folders for recordings and if memory already got a bit high this gives me a fresh start.

While it's not really a solution, it does kinda work.

My log (with the midnight restart here), the last memory leak is 4 days ago:
2016/4/11    17:46:21    Memory usage jumped to 4060.52 MB
2016/4/11    17:46:31    Memory usage jumped to 4108.61 MB
2016/4/11    17:46:31    Memory is now 4108.61 MB, doing a controlled 
restart ! (this is one memory I couldn't get fixed)
2016/4/11    17:46:50    Memory usage jumped to 128.68 MB
2016/4/11    18:4:35    Memory usage jumped to 160.71 MB
2016/4/11    21:2:15    Memory usage jumped to 193.3 MB
2016/4/12    0:0:24    Memory usage jumped to 167.62 MB
2016/4/12    13:31:24    Memory usage jumped to 236.88 MB
2016/4/12    13:31:29    Memory usage jumped to 326.56 MB
2016/4/13    0:1:17    Memory usage jumped to 157.27 MB
2016/4/13    9:16:17    Memory usage jumped to 190.27 MB
2016/4/13    9:16:27    Memory usage jumped to 223.42 MB
2016/4/14    0:1:11    Memory usage jumped to 192.23 MB
2016/4/15    0:1:6    Memory usage jumped to 156.17 MB

I did not have any of these issues with the older gstreamer-0.1 I think.


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