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Fri Apr 15 15:58:21 UTC 2016

On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 4:57 AM, Stanimir Varbanov
<stanimir.varbanov at> wrote:
> Hi Nicolas,
> On 04/11/2016 07:25 PM, Nicolas Dufresne wrote:
>> Le lundi 11 avril 2016 à 15:11 +0300, Stanimir Varbanov a écrit :
>>> adding gstreamer-devel
>>> On 04/11/2016 03:03 PM, Stanimir Varbanov wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm working on QCOM v4l2 video decoder/encoder driver and in order
>>>> to
>>>> test its functionalities I'm using gstreamer v4l2videodec plugin. I
>>>> am
>>>> able to use the v4l2videodec plugin with MMAP, now I want to try
>>>> the
>>>> dmabuf export from v4l2 and import dmabuf buffers to glimagesink. I
>>>> upgraded gst to 1.7.91 so that I have the dmabuf support in
>>>> glimagesink.
>>>> Mesa version is 11.1.2.
>> I'm very happy to see this report. So far, we only had report that this
>> element works on Freescale IMX.6 (CODA) and Exynos 4/5.
> In this context, I would be very happy to see v4l2videoenc merged soon :)
>>>> I'm using the following pipeline:
>>>> GST_GL_PLATFORM=egl GST_GL_API=gles2 gst-launch-1.0 $GSTDEBUG
>>>> $GSTFILESRC ! qtdemux name=m m.video_0 ! h264parse ! v4l2video32dec
>>>> capture-io-mode=dmabuf ! glimagesink
>>>> I stalled on this error:
>>>> eglimagememory
>>>> gsteglimagememory.c:473:gst_egl_image_memory_from_dmabuf:<eglimagea
>>>> llocator0>
>>>> eglCreateImage failed: EGL_BAD_MATCH
>>>> which in Mesa is:
>>>> libEGL debug: EGL user error 0x3009 (EGL_BAD_MATCH) in
>>>> dri2_create_image_khr_texture
>>>> Do someone know how the dmabuf import is tested when the support
>>>> has
>>>> been added to glimagesink? Or some pointers how to continue with
>>>> debugging?
>> So far the DMABuf support in glimagesink has been tested on Intel/Mesa
>> and libMALI. There is work in progress in Gallium/Mesa, but until
>> recently there was no support for offset in imported buffer, which
>> would result in BAD_MATCH error. I cannot guaranty this is the exact
>> reason here, BAD_MATCH is used for a very wide variety of reason in
>> those extensions. The right place to dig into this issue would be
>> through the Mesa list and/or Mesa code. Find out what is missing for
>> you driver in Mesa and then I may help you further.
> I came down to these conditions
> but I don't know how this is related. The gstreamer
> (gst_egl_image_memory_from_dmabuf) doesn't set this "level" so it will
> be zero.
>> For the reference, the importation strategy we use in GStreamer has
>> been inspired of Kodi (xmbc). It consist of importing each YUV plane
>> seperatly using R8 and RG88 textures and doing the color conversion
>> using shaders. Though, if the frame is allocated as a single DMABuf,
>> this requires using offset to access the frame data, and that support
> Yep that is my case, the driver capture buffers has one plain, hence one
> dmabuf will be exported per buffer.
>> had only been recently added in Gallium base code and in Radeon driver
>> recently. I don't know if Freedreno, VC4 have that, and I know nouveau
>> don't.
> Rob, do we need to add something in Freedreno Gallium driver to handle
> dmabuf import?

The issue is probably the YUV format, which we cannot really deal with
properly in gallium..  it's a similar issue to multi-planer even if it
is in a single buffer.

The best way to handle this would be to import the same dmabuf fd
twice, with appropriate offsets, to create one GL_RED eglimage for Y
and one GL_RG eglimage for UV, and then combine them in shader in a
similar way to how you'd handle separate Y and UV planes..


> --
> regards,
> Stan

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