Sharing timestamps with external applications

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Sat Apr 16 11:43:09 UTC 2016

Thanks for the link!  That might be more heavyweight than what I need, though (especially given the notes about having to memcpy buffers... definitely trying to avoid that as much as possible!).  Right now, I've got a very simple plugin derived from GstBaseTransform that works in passthrough mode, using the *_transform_ip() function to sniff out timestamps and offsets and write them out to a FIFO.  I'm debating how badly we really need multiple simultaneous subscribers to the information... because if it's 1:1 I'll probably stick with a non-blocking named pipe and forgo the extra hassle of a UNIX socket.
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You could have a look at  gst-zeromq <>
(they are not mine but use them from time to time). Although the plugins are
far from finished, it does exactly what you want. This will allow you to
share data between pipelines on the same machine or even different machines.

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