matroskamux and number of frames

Tim Müller tim at
Mon Apr 18 09:49:44 UTC 2016

On Fri, 2016-04-15 at 19:30 +0300, Krutskikh Ivan wrote:


> I'm recording real time h264 video from ip cams with gstreamer. After
> that I analyze it with ffprobe for export. (ffprobe -i ... 
> -show_streams)
> for matroskamux
> rtspsrc name=source latency=0 ! rtph264depay name=demux  ! h264parse
> ! matroskamux name=mux  ! filesink name=sink
> (snip)
> Both files are fine with vlc player, but with mkv file I cannot get
> number of frames and therefore cannot determine the fps. 
> What is wrong with my setup here?

Maybe nothing's wrong at all? Do you get the number of frames with
other .mkv files?


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