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Dani at
Mon Apr 18 11:36:24 UTC 2016

Thanks for your answer,
after fixing the problem you told me now the app is not stopping. What 
happens is that it is still unable to play the file and the logcat shows 
the next messages:

    04-18 13:26:08.350 24062-24154/ I/GLib+stdout:  In
    dynamic ADDING PAD video_0065
    04-18 13:26:08.360 24062-24154/ I/GLib+stdout: Sink
    pad link: 'video_0065'
    04-18 13:26:08.360 24062-24154/ I/GLib+stdout:  In
    dynamic ADDING PAD audio_0066
    04-18 13:26:08.360 24062-24154/ I/GLib+stdout: Sink
    pad link: 'audio_0066'
    04-18 13:26:08.615 24062-24150/ W/GStreamer+GST_PADS:
    0:00:02.844365459 0x9e23e180
    gstpad.c:3990:gst_pad_peer_query:<faad:src> could not send sticky events
    04-18 13:26:08.615 24062-24151/ W/GStreamer+libav:
    0:00:02.845349917 0x9e23e1b0
    gstavcodecmap.c:2431:gst_ffmpeg_caps_to_pixfmt ignoring insane
    framerate 1/0
    04-18 13:26:08.615 24062-24154/ W/GStreamer+basesrc:
    0:00:02.845565209 0x9e23e260
    gstbasesrc.c:2943:gst_base_src_loop:<http-src> error: Internal data
    flow error.
    04-18 13:26:08.615 24062-24154/ W/GStreamer+basesrc:
    0:00:02.845637417 0x9e23e260
    gstbasesrc.c:2943:gst_base_src_loop:<http-src> error: streaming task
    paused, reason not-negotiated (-4)
    04-18 13:26:08.615 24062-24110/
    D/GStreamer+tutorial-5: 0:00:02.846137917 0x9e23f520
    src/main/jni/tutorial-5.c:132:set_ui_message Setting message to:
    Error received from element http-src: Internal data flow error.

So it seems there is a problem with the aac decoder. I already posted a 
bug of the aac decoder of android 
(, but I do not know 
if this time is also directly related to the same issue.

Thanks for your replies,


El 18/04/16 a las 13:31, Sebastian Dröge escribió:
> On Mo, 2016-04-18 at 12:46 +0200, Dani wrote:
>> Thanks for your suggestions, I have just used gdb for debugging and I
>> am quite confident it is related to dynamically linking pads.
> Did you see my comment about how you connect to the signal in the
> previous mail? That is at least one problem, if there are still
> problems after that we can take another look.
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